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Phoenix Mural Festival Logo
Kid enjoys Fabulous 4 mural by Denzone
Phoenix artists Tara Sharpe and Eric Cox

More than 80 local artists painted 52 murals during Phoenix Mural Festival 2018.


Property owners are proud of work they received, and I heard that many felt like their artist became part of the family. Participants raved about their experiences — they formed new relationships with their neighbors and welcomed each other with open arms. Residents from all over the metro area came to central Phoenix to experience the art and were thrilled to see it evolve throughout the weekend. We also had visitors who drove in all the way from Flagstaff, Tucson, and even California to participate in the weekend’s festivities.

Phoenix artists Paul Pangle and Skye Lucking
Phoenix Mural Festival Visitors
Such and Champ Styles at Phoenix Mural Festival
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